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Me if Emison doesn’t get the epic kiss in 5x07..

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i just realized i miss Glee so much

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Try With Me


Prompt: could you possibly write something leading off the dinner in the next ep, like ali rests her hand on em’s upper thigh during the middle of the dinner.

Notes: I usually hate posting things before episodes air but I couldn’t resist this one. Sooo this is what I wish would happen on this week’s episode but will really probably not, haha. 

It should really be illegal for someone to wear a dress that short.

That’s Emily’s first thought, when she opens her front door to reveal Alison, and her brain sort of short-circuits for a minute because holy crap her legs, and there’s a little smirk on Ali’s face that tells Emily that she knows exactly what thoughts are on her mind.

“I wore this for you,” she breathes into Emily’s ear as she passes her, leaning upwards as she does and trapping Emily against the wall for a heavenly second in which she’s aware of nothing other than the scent of Ali’s perfume and the warm heat of her body before she’s gone, bouncing down the hallway and into the kitchen, and Emily can only stare after her, dumbfounded, and her traitorous eyes linger on Alison’s ass, and oh, god, she’s not going to get through this night alive.

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the tables have turned

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I look around but it’s you I can’t replace.

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Help us to release the emison full scene! Spread the word!

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Just get married

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if there’s no emison scene in 5x06 ima personally throw myself off the planet

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Sasha and Shay in The Writers’ Room.

it’s just me or shay’s hand is close to sasha’s vagina? 

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EscApe From New York: AU 

best evah

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Our hearts are melting!

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Y’all better love me. Here’s the Pretty Little Liars bloopers in better quality.


And bonus: ‘Pretty Little Liars and ‘The A Network’


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Emison Scenes PLL 5x06 HD