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Alison is so hot in that scene though

Yes, not only is she hot, but she’s totally targeting Paige because she suspected that Paige was into Emily. That makes it hotter for me knowing her motivation was possessiveness over Emily. CeCe even told Spencer that Alison and Paige were fighting over Emily. I wonder if CeCe knew that Ali had a soft spot for Emily. I’m sure Ali would never tell a soul, but her behavior probably gave it away to CeCe, and I think CeCe teased at this knowledge when she told Spencer that Ali and Paige were fighting over Em. It’s like, why else would she want to go out of her way and bribe or “own” Paige? That’s a lot of work to sneak into Emily’s room, write a steamy letter pretending to be Emily, give it to Paige, set up a meeting spot for her to bust Paige. I mean, what’s the point of all that? Paige was nothing and useless to Ali except for the fact that she liked Emily. Ali didn’t like that, and used the information to keep Paige far far away from Emily. Why? Because Emily was hers even if she wasn’t ready to be Emily’s.

and Ali’s face after that?? she was about to cry but why? this shouldn’t affect her like that if she didn’t feel something for Emily.. 

Can I see more jealous Ali? Like seriously

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I’m sorry but i’m supposed to believe that this girl here is A? hmm..how about no lol..look at Ali’s face in this moment..Ali has done a lot of things in the past and i agree, but for me, there’s no doubt in my mind that Ali loves the girls!! That’s right there is a amazing proof. The writers are doing EVERYTHING they can to make Ali look guilty and shady. And they always do this in a amazing way, hun? Like in S3 when Toby was A and in S4 when Ezra was A. In that time, everyone was calling Ezra a psycho, and in the end he was just writing a damn book. (Still not ok with this), but yeah. I know that a lot of people are thinking that they will do the same path as the book, but Marlene has said a thousand times already that they will don’t follow the twin history with Ali. She likes the surprise factor, and in the books, we already know what happens. I don’t think for a minute that Ali is A, or that she killed Mona. I think that the same person that tried to suffocate Ali in 5x06 is the same the killed Mona. Sasha said in a interview (by the time that 5x10-5x12 was filmed) that she was getting worried, and Marlene said to her: ‘Don’t worry. It’s not what you think’. It will be okay’. I will never forget these words.

Team Alison all the way!!

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Emison is forever better than Paily. 

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just wait until emily tells paige she slept/made out with alison

o wait she probs wont bc she and paige ignore everything and never talk

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True shippers never abandon their ship. Just sayin’.

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i has a prompt for you! :) could you write about emily's first kiss ever? it being alison... like they're talking about how many people they've made out with and emily's too shy to tell, only to reveal that she's never been kissed. and alison is determined to teach her and lets emily know that it's totally okay if she wants to touch her too (and secretly alison hopes she does)


She regrets saying it pretty much as soon as the words are out of her mouth, but she knows there’s no taking it back when four pairs of stunned eyes land on her, and she flushes under the attention, focuses on her hands in her lap, twisting them nervously.

“Never?” Hanna is the first one to speak, and Emily just nods, wishing that they hadn’t been able to drag it out of her in the first place, or that she’d lied because she’s pathetic and she knows it but no-one else needs to know, too. “But… how?”

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I miss those days…

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i am cece, cece is me, we are one.

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"I think Alison is so scared to show her real feelings that we never really know what’s true and what isn’t. I can’t tell you too much about that, but you will be able to see more. I think the writers do a really good job of finding that balance, and even though these characters live in a heightened reality, there’s still a trueness about being that age and not being sure what you’re feeling. Alison hasn’t really had an opportunity to figure out who she is. Emily has had such a journey with it and she’s grown into herself. You will see more of Alison figuring herself out, and I’m excited to see how the fans react."

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Captain Sasha Pieterse everyone.  (x)

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Emily has so many more hot kisses than I remembered!!

I’m pretty sure Shay loves her role

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Break a promise!

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I always loved how even though they “hated each other” they always ended up sitting like three inches apart.

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"I don’t want things to be like this."