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A girl’s moan is the sexiest thing, ever.

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Always reblog. Always always.

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A girl’s moan is the sexiest thing, ever.

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glad to see amy’s as gay as ever this season

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Anonimo Asked:
why did you make a tumblr


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This would be sooo great! ugggh my feels! 🙌🙌😍

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That’s basically the whole movie.

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"Have you guys been told who ‘A’ is?" [x]

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My Christmas Episode Theory


OK GUYS. I may be (probably am) completely wrong here but I think that I have an idea on what exactly may be going on in this Christmas Episode.

(Keep in mind this is only a theory meaning that it may or may not be true)

From looking at the spoilers and the pictures, I think I’ve cracked…

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Emison and That Awkward Moment When Alison Finds Her Nudes on Emily’s Phone Still

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Emily’s still bitter about the finale

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AU: Santana makes a trip to New Haven just for a girl talk with Quinn.

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Alison is so hot in that scene though

Yes, not only is she hot, but she’s totally targeting Paige because she suspected that Paige was into Emily. That makes it hotter for me knowing her motivation was possessiveness over Emily. CeCe even told Spencer that Alison and Paige were fighting over Emily. I wonder if CeCe knew that Ali had a soft spot for Emily. I’m sure Ali would never tell a soul, but her behavior probably gave it away to CeCe, and I think CeCe teased at this knowledge when she told Spencer that Ali and Paige were fighting over Em. It’s like, why else would she want to go out of her way and bribe or “own” Paige? That’s a lot of work to sneak into Emily’s room, write a steamy letter pretending to be Emily, give it to Paige, set up a meeting spot for her to bust Paige. I mean, what’s the point of all that? Paige was nothing and useless to Ali except for the fact that she liked Emily. Ali didn’t like that, and used the information to keep Paige far far away from Emily. Why? Because Emily was hers even if she wasn’t ready to be Emily’s.

and Ali’s face after that?? she was about to cry but why? this shouldn’t affect her like that if she didn’t feel something for Emily.. 

Can I see more jealous Ali? Like seriously

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