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I’ve got 99 problems and the fact that Alison will kiss someone that isn’t Emily in the Christmas episode is all of them.

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Anonimo Asked:
So is the proposal scene gonna be like an emotional scene for us like serious proposal or is it going to be like cute and funny? :)


Very romantic, emotional,serious and Brittany will not hesitate for a millisecond to saying yes. It’s not played out for laughs. They are both extremely joyful and committed.


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i hope they kissed (bed scene), just bc brittana is just too cute whenever they do man. Do you agree?


from what I’ve heard the bedroom scene is very romantic, sweet, sexy with sweet lady kisses xoxo


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the two reasons people watch tv shows


1. show first starts and it seems to be a good enough plot and you end up sticking with the show
2. you have never seen this show but your friends recommended it because it has lesbians in it

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"Problem" by the Unholy Trinity and Artie. Edited from many audios to make up basically the whole song (performance version) with just a few little parts missing. Enjoy!

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Ali’s face tho lol

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Anonimo Asked:
Could you write fic of what might happen in the Christmas episode with Ali kissing Santa clause(Emily)?


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A girl’s moan is the sexiest thing, ever.

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Always reblog. Always always.

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A girl’s moan is the sexiest thing, ever.

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glad to see amy’s as gay as ever this season

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Anonimo Asked:
why did you make a tumblr


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This would be sooo great! ugggh my feels! 🙌🙌😍